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Remdesivir for sale


Generic name: remdesivir
Company: Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Treatment for: COVID-19
Remdesivir, or GS-5734, is an adenosine triphosphate analog first described in the literature in 2016 as a treatment for Ebola.1 In 2017, its activity against the coronavirus family of viruses was also demonstrated.2 Remdesivir is also being researched as a potential treatment to SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

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Remdesivir for sale – Coronavirus treatment that became a medical breakthrough

Remdesivir for sale is an antiviral medication that is currently being tested as a treatment for COVID-19. It is thought to interfere with a mechanism that certain viruses, including the new coronavirus, use to replicate themselves. Patients suffering from moderate to severe form of COVID-19 can expect positive results from this broad-spectrum antiviral drug. It was initially created in 2009 for Hepatitis C but was then repurposed as a potential treatment for Marburg and Ebola virus infections. As per the latest research conducted by Gilliard Sciences, this formulation has proven to be active against the Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

A result from the NEJM study suggested that a patient receiving supplemental oxygen, but not yet in serious condition, responded better while on this drug. It has been in high demand ever since the medicine helped to shorten hospital recovery times in clinical trials. The cost of Remdesivir per patient has gone through the roof, and there have been concerns over its supply. However, at Kind Care Med, we provide it at the most reasonable prices. You can purchase Remdesivir from us within the comfort of your home, as we look forward to offering excellent customer service. Your safety is our topmost priority!

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